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Last updated: February 27, 2024

What's up Legends, and welcome to the Offshore Tales Terms and Conditions. Before you dive into using our website at, take a squiz at these terms!

Your use of the Service means you're happy to be following these Terms. They apply to everyone who jumps on board, so make sure you're over 18 and legally good to go. If you're a grom, you gotta get your folks' nod first.

When you snag something from our store, we might need some info from you like your credit card details and shipping address. But don't stress, we'll keep it safe as a croc in the billabong.

We aim to keep our info accurate, but if there's an issue with a  product or not enough stock, we might have to cancel your order. And if we suspect any dodgy business, we'll give it the flick faster than you can say "no worries."

Sometimes we might spruce up our products or fix mistakes, so don't be surprised if things change on the site now and then. We might throw some competitions or promos your way from time to time. We'll give you the lowdown on the rules when the time comes.

If you decide to email products to a mate, just make sure they're cool with it, alright? And if you send an email, you're on the hook for any dramas that come from it. We're not into spamming, so keep it above board.

When you make an account with us, make sure your info's accurate. If you suspect any shifty business with your account, give us a shout ASAP. Our Service might have links to other websites, but we're not responsible for what goes on there. Be smart and check out their terms and conditions too.

We're not liable for any hiccups you encounter using our Service. We're here to help, but you're responsible for keeping your data safe and sound. Sometimes the law might mean we need to tweak our Terms. If we do, we'll give you a heads-up.

Got your eye on something that's not in stock yet? You can pre-order it, but keep in mind it won't ship until it's ready. By pre-ordering, you're cool with these conditions!

If you're still with us, cheers! These Terms are here to keep everything above board. If you have any questions, just give us a shout. Cheers, Leg!

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